Air & water Cooled Chillers


The TT-13502 is a two-circuit temperature control unit and water chiller combination unit with 2 x 6 kW heating capacity and 8 kW cooling capacity.

  • The unit has two independent water circuits with two sealless pumps and two stainless steel water tank of each 25 litres content. The 2 x 6 kW heating capacity is coupled with a 8 kW cooling capacity. For the cooling a chilled water connection is not required.
  • All components are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel or bronze.
  • Two self-optimizing microprocessor controllers with digital display of the set and actual value. Indication in 1/10°C range. Temperature display can be set to readout °C or °F.
  • Automatic or manual refill
  • Castors

Temperature Control: Two microprocessor controllers MP-888 with digital display of the set
and actual value. Installed in the controller: 0-10 V or 4-20 mA command

Circuits: 2 independent circuits:
1 circuit for temperatures from 10°C until 90°C
1 circuit for temperatures from 10°C until 40°C

Pump capacity: 2 x max. 4,5 bar / max. 75 l/min

Heating capacity: 2 x 6 kW

Cooling capacity: 8 kW for both circuits installed cooling compressor, air cooled
air inlet located at the front, blow out located on the side / rear of the unit

Content water tank: 2 x 25 litres

Power consumption: approx. 15 kW

TO-/FROM mould: 3/4” BS female thread (by both circuits)
Automatic water refill: 3/8” BS female thread

Dimensions: Length: 980 mm x Width: 660 mm x Height: 1’300 mm including castors

Noise level (at 3 m distance): 68 dBA

Weight: 220 kg empty

Colour: Silver grey RAL 7001

Safety Devices
  • Automatic level control with pre-warning at low water level.
  • Audible alarm to signal failure.
  • All failures are in addition visually shown
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