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TT-170 up to 90ºC

For use with water up to 90ºC, the TT-170 is a compact water temperature control unit for small injection moulds and rollers. It can also be used in laboratory applications.

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TT-181 up to 150ºC

The TT-181 is a small yet powerful temperature control unit designed for use with water up to 90°C for moulds up to 600kg and oil up to 150°C for moulds up to 300kg.

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TT-188 up to 150ºC

This powerful small temperature control unit with electronic flow control can be used with water or oil operation, and also in the leak-stopper mode. The TT-188 is a best-seller.

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TT-168 up to 150ºC

TT-168 E, TT-168 H: For use with water up to 90ºC or oil up to 150ºC. TT-168 E/A, TT-168 H/A: For use with water up to 90ºC for larger moulds.

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TT-168-PHE from 20ºC to 90ºC

TT-168 PHE is a range of specialist units with high cooling capacities. TT-168 PHE units are ideal for use with water from 20ºC to 50ºC.

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TT-118K up to 90ºC

For use with water up to 90ºC, The TT-118 has a high cooling capacity making it suitable for use with rollers, calenders, plates, double walled vessels and other large consumers.

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TT-1548 from 50ºC to 90ºC

This air cooled temperature control unit is designed for use with PU moulds on roundtables or for applications where no cooling water is available.

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TT-1368 from 20ºC to 90ºC

The TT-1368 is a powerful heating and cooling unit with large return volume - for temperatures from 20°C up to 90°C with very high cooling capacity - for heavy duty use.

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TT-1500 from 20ºC to 90ºC

This unit provides very high capacity direct cooling - for temperatures from 20°C up to 90°C. It is designed for rollers, plates, double walled vessels and other heavy duty use.

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Since 2007 the team at Tool-Temp have been putting on a Golf Day that takes place in June of each year. The day always begins with coffee and a bacon roll followed by 9 holes of golf and lunch in the club house. The teams then head out for a round of 18 holes and come back to a three course meal. Tool-Temp offer accommodation to all the customers and some even join the team for a few drinks in the local town afterwards.

The golf day is a lot of fun and is held so that all our customers can get to know each and every member of staff from the receptionist to the managing director. We believe this makes future business easier and more enjoyable. .

Our customers say ‘it is always great to put a face to a name’ and ‘Tool-Temp always put on a great day, I have attended every year and I wouldn’t miss it for the world’ we hope to continue this fun day out for many more years. If you’re a keen golfer get in touch.

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